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About Us

Zouping Lan Jia Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Zouping County of Shandong province. It is closely related to the beautiful Changbai Mountain and Jinan Qingdao expressway. It has a long history and convenient transportation. 

The company was established in 2014. It is a modern chemical enterprise integrating production and sales research and development. The company mainly produces and sells acyl chloride series, with 5000 ton / year chloroacetyl chloride, 4000 ton / year amyl chloride, 1000 tonnes / propiyl chloride, 2000 tonnes / acetyl chloride, 2000 ton / year chloroacetate, 1500 tonnes of n-butylyl chloride, 3000 ton / year. Two chloroacetic chloride, etc. The company adopts the first-class production technology and equipment in China. A complete set of product testing methods and strict quality assurance system have been established. The proportion of engineers and technicians accounts for 40% of the total number of workers. The company has built modern office facilities, storage facilities, full water, electricity, steam, cold and other public engineering conditions, the production site and dangerous chemicals warehouse set up television monitoring and toxic gas report system, the factory set a weekly alarm, safety, environmental protection, fire protection facilities. 

The company pursues the enterprise tenet of "quality first, reputation first", and wholeheartedly provide customers with first-class products and first-class service. Welcome to negotiate, cooperate and win together and win together. 

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